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Real Time’s post-acute analytics software helps you
cut costs while improving patient care.

Provider Partners Health Plans’ clients can also take advantage of Real Time Medical Systems’ interventional analytics software. The cloud-based platform unlocks the power of the post-acute Electronic Health Record—turning data into actionable insights that improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. 

Real Time is proven to reduce hospital admissions, accurately manage reimbursements, detect early signs of infectious disease, automate antibiotic surveillance, and advance care coordination through post-acute data transparency.

Compatible with all major post-acute EHRs, Real Time pulls live data directly from the EHR, not just reporting findings, but analyzing data to provide timely alerts and accurate reimbursements. It can:

  • Quickly warn caregivers of emerging risks before they require hospitalization
  • Enhance Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) measures, helping you meet Medicare standards (and vital with the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Provide up-to-the-minute data to ensure that you’re reimbursed for the care your facility is providing.

Provider Partner Health Plans are HMO-SNPs with Medicare contracts. Enrollment in Provider Partner Health Plans depends on contract renewal. Y0135_PPHPWEB_2024